About Echolink Solutions

Our Values

We believe the key to success is always open communication. This means setting clear expectations and investing in collaboration.

Our Company Culture

Our organization's culture is built on loyalty, ethics and dedication to improving the world of healthcare. The Echolink Solutions attitude is to always strive to be positive, realistic, humble, and approachable.

Having Realistic, Mutual Expectations

Echolink Solutions works in partnership with you by setting mutual expectations from the beginning.  

It all starts with the best people, YOU. Every person is respected for their individuality and you will experience this as Echolink Solutions assists with your unique requirements.

We are bound by our Vision, Values and Culture giving you a valued, trusted healthcare recruitment solution that delivers on your expectations every time.

We provide your business with a temporary/permanent skilled labor solution.

We are dedicated to solving the long-term staffing needs of businesses by matching them with exceptionally skilled recruits.  

We understand the pains that skills shortage has caused across many industries, which means finding and keeping skilled talent is hard. We know you just want to find the right staff, so you can get on with doing more of what you love – whether that be building your business or spending more time with your family (or both).

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