Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Echolink Solutions is One of the Leading CDI Education and Training Providers in the United States.

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Our primary focus is on providing customer focused, needs based solutions for CDI programs.

We offer the most comprehensive Clinical Documentation Improvement education and training resources available globally. Our proprietary materials may be the perfect solution for your hospital, but our consulting team develops custom training programs for your unique circumstances. Our programs are country specific in relation to the ICD version and editions utilized, coding standards and applied rules, and our clinical information is based on professional experience and referenced materials.

Experienced Health Information Managers and Clinical Nurses, trained in the Echolink Solutions CDI delivery program, consult with you throughout the process. Our hospital CDI programs are adaptable, which means that your organization can approach a CDI program at your unique pace and commitment, without compromising your program.

Our Process Includes:

  • Needs assessment for Clinical Documentation Improvement program
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement training and education
  • CDS Change Management Implementationacross the whole organization.
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Coaching for existing Clinical Documentation specialists (CDS) and individuals currently engaged in a hospital CDI program.
  • Clinical Documentation Specialist recruitment for customers.
  • Embedding of Echolink Solutions CDS staff to facilitate development, implementation, staff resourcing and other needs as identified by individual customers.
  • Documentation Audits.
  • Resource Planning including staff allocation analysis.
  • Health Information Service

Advantages of using Echolink Solutions Clinical Documentation Specialist Staff

The Echolink Solutions advantage comes from our teams over 10 collective years of clinical and health information management experience.  With over 10 years experience working with executive personnel, we know how to listen and deliver on expectations.  Our approach to change management ensures that we anticipate delays and are able to minimize any disruptions to your implementation plans and schedule.

We have the resources to work with and across your hospital, for as long or aa short a time as necessary, to achieve your desired outcomes. Echolink Solutions will maintain a working relationship with you both formally and informally to ensure your CDI program is as robust as possible.

Benefits of Our CDI Program

  • Decreased negotiation effort, time and cost to justify items claimed for reimbursement from fund providers.
  • Reduces health funding provider audits resulting in funds being returned by the hospital to the fund provider.
  • The single greatest opportunity currently available to increase reimbursement to hospitals.
  • Improve the outcome of audits from a documentation perspective.
  • Case mix Index improvement.
  • Safety and quality outcome improvements.
  • Reduces query generation for clinical coders.
  • Improves query completion rates.
  • Increases cooperation and professional harmony between various hospital professionals.

Continuous Clinical Documentation Improvement

  • Focus on full and complete specificity of documentation
  • Looking for Missing, Incomplete and Conflicting documentation
  • Concurrent with patient admission
  • Dedicated full-time resource
  • Health Service driven, hospital-wide program involving Executive members, medical and nursing members across all levels of seniority.

Continuous Clinical Documentation Improvement

  • Focus on clinical coding accuracy
  • Clarification of documentation
  • Respective query 1-6 weeks post discharge
  • Liaison with medical staff
  • Health Information Service stand-alone service


We approach new projects in thier

Part one concentrates on the complexities of case payments for hospitals in national contexts. Comparative analyses of the essential building blocks (figure 2) of DRG systems across Hospitals which are embedded in various types of health systems will uncover the differences and similarities of their objectives, purposes and methodologies.

The second part of the project seeks to identify issues in hospital case payment by conducting cost analysis across states. Therefore, patient level data of 10-12 episodes of care (representing different medical specialties and diagnostic/ therapeutic procedures) will be collected, compared and analyzed. Furthermore, the systemic factors, which are crucial for successful policy design in a slowly emerging hospital market, will be identified. Special emphasis is placed on (1) identifying ways to calculate these payments in an adequate fashion, (2) examining hospital efficiency within and across states, and (3) identifying factors that affect the relationship between the costs and quality of inpatient care.

The third part of the project seeks to develop and implement hospital benchmarking system as a means of identifying common issues and systemic factors that will be crucial when designing successful policies for the slowly emerging Healthcare Market