Clinical Service Desk

Make your Hospital IT Service Desk on par with your clinical excellence by partnering with Echolink Solutions.

Information technology (IT) has become the beating heart of every hospital.

Electronic medical records (EMR) and the need to provide excellent customer service while maintaining lower costs requires robust IT platforms. The IT service desk must support these highly complex and sensitive systems, while keeping all platforms up and running seamlessly. In addition, they must resolve any issues that may occur.

Service desks support the smooth operations of countless key systems, providing real time assistance for physicians and staff that drive clinical excellence. However, running an efficient and cost-effective service desk that meets the highest levels of service is not an easy task. Our team of experienced consultants helps you align your service desk strategy with the needs of your organization:

  • Align service desk capacity with activity growth.
  • Structure and maintain efficient service desk management.
  • Staff and schedule employees to account for sick and vacation days.
  • Analyze and brief management with trends and metrics.

At Echolinksolutions we have helped leading healthcare organizations drive world-class levels of service while being the industry’s most cost-effective option.

Echolinksolutions EMR Clinical Service Desk/IT Response Center is a single point of contact with sophisticated clinical awareness. Our solution is based solely in the US, and we never offshore any services. This ensures an unmatched physician satisfaction.

Furthermore, Echolinksolutions service desk offers a single point of contact to manage communications and issue resolution from opening to closure. Our sophisticated ticketing allows us to conduct in-depth analysis and address patterns that will reduce future problems. In addition, it allows us to funnel issues to the right person for quick resolution. Most importantly, our team is highly experienced in the healthcare environment and keeps a high clinical awareness.

Learn how you can increase the performance of your service desk while lowering cost. Call Echolinksolutions today to schedule your introduction.