EMR Training & Implementation

Passing knowledge to your team so in-house expertise grows.

Echolinksolutions understands that training is the first impression of the EMR change for your user community, especially clinicians and physicians. A successful go-live depends on a successful training program, and a successful training program depends on hands-on curriculum delivered by excellent trainers.

Echolinksolutions has a dedicated core team of EMR Trainers who have provided training services in various EMR system Worldwide. They use their proven skills in education and EMR system functionality and navigation to train your clinical staff in all job roles across the patient continuum of care. Our EMR Trainers have a proven track record of successfully training physicians and end-users.

Echolinksolutions will provide a team of EMR Trainers who will work on site with your training team to gain an understanding of the educational philosophy of your organization and learn workflows and system functionality directly related to your system build. Our EMR Trainers are experienced in quickly gaining a detailed understanding of the changes to legacy workflows and understanding the reasoning behind the changes. This experience and expertise enable our team to quickly adopt the culture and better explain the new workflow in the classroom setting.

Once formal training has phased down, Echolinksolutions provides invaluable continuity by rolling the same Trainers as possible into go-live ATE support or Helpdesk support. This provides familiarity and continuity from the classroom to the go-live experience. This also ensures that EMR  Trainers are available to provide any additional training for users who are struggling with using the new system and require additional one-on-one training.


Echolinksolutions is dedicated in providing a superior Customer Support experience. Our case processes enable us to deliver an unforgettable service experience to all our customers though a systematic approach to handling cases. We leverage the case priority combined with our internal service level agreements and escalation process to ensure effective problem resolution. The Echolinksolutions Case Processes, described below, establish a means for the Customer Support Team to meet and exceed customer expectations on time. We monitor the cases 24/7/365.

On Ownership

Each case that is opened will be owned by the right Customer support specialist who is familiar with the account and the specific issue.

The help desk is responsible for the monitoring of the Echolinksolutions queue.

Each case will have the name of the End-user in its title, followed by the subject of the email, followed by the case number.

All of us at Echolinksolutions care about your business and we're here for you!!

Follow up - Each closed activity creates an automatic invoice. We at Echolinksolutions monitor our system and are able to get direct access to your account in real time as well as get an invoice report.