Help Desk Integration & Support

Help Desk Integration/Support

The Help Desk is the front line for the inevitable stress and problem resolution associated with the EMR implementation. Rapid handling of issues is critical to ensuring user satisfaction by minimizing frustration. EHR implementations often require organizations to transition from a traditional Help Desk to a true Clinical Help Desk with the ability to quickly triage application issues and route to the proper IT location for full resolution. Echolinksolutions provides Help Desk professionals that are highly familiar with your new system(s) and will scale staffing to ensure that there is a fluid transition to the newly required Clinical Help Desk.

Go-Live Activation

Side-by-side with your team executing the plan with precision.

Echolinksolutions detailed three-phase methodology powers a proven, replicable and scalable process that enables our team of professionals to work closely with yours to plan and execute a highly successful EHR or system go-live.


The success of any go-live is driven by effectively developing and executing a comprehensive and adaptable project plan. Our approach to this phase of the project is unique to Echolinksolutions and lays the foundation for a successful project. Echolinksolutions dedicated, experienced Operations Team works with you to develop a tailored project plan beginning with our Utility Team Assessment. We don’t charge for this planning as it is our investment in our shared success.

Planning Step 1: Finalize Project Scoping & Coverage Plan

We start by validating headcount assumptions and expense estimates. Our team shares a go-live assessment document that will drive the scoping and coverage plan to help ensure the appropriate coverage for all areas impacted during the go-live. Based on your input, we finalize our sourcing strategy, schedule and logistics plan as well as the training and orientation plan.

Planning Step 2: Roster Development

ECHOLINKSOLUTIONS next develops our roster starting with the identification of the most qualified associates using our proprietary 5 Star Ranking Program and 5 Gate Screening Process. We then contract with the right associates for the required skillsets.

Planning Step 3: Schedule Development

Proper (and flexible) schedule development is essential to directly matching the skills of a specific Echolinksolutions team member with the required EHR knowledge needed to successfully support your clinicians during a clinical encounter. Our proprietary Activation Services Management Tool facilitates this skill-set matching process to develop the most effective schedule. Once the schedule is developed, the tool provides effective out-puts to all stakeholders ranging from a comprehensive schedule of all associates to associate specific schedules.

Planning Step 4: Client-specific HR Requirements

Our Activation Services Management Tool also enables Echolinksolutions to track client-specific HR requirements, i.e. immunizations, background checks, etc. This information will be customized to meet your specific on-boarding requirements and detailed reports validate compliance.

Planning Step 5: Coordinate Logistics

As part of our turn-key solution, Echolinksolutions prepares a comprehensive logistics plan and coordinates all logistics throughout the course of the project. Additionally, our internal logistics team provides detailed expense plan for hotels, ground transportation and airfare. We use relationships with national hotel chains and bus/rental car companies to help minimize expenses.


Execution Step 1: Fly-in Day & Project Orientation

For large go-lives, Echolinksolutions knows coordination is king. We greet every associate at the airport, on the day they travel to the site, and deliver a personalized on-boarding experience. This experience includes each associate’s personalized detailed schedule and logistics plan, project badge (with picture), and access badge. This orientation is delivered at no charge by Echolinksolutions Project Kick-off Team consisting of our HR, Payroll and Time & Expense departments, and Logistics leads.

Execution Step 2: Training & EMR Orientation

Echolinksolutions will collaborate with your team to establish an effective training approach to position our experienced at-the-elbow (ATE) associates to successfully guide your users through the complexities of the go-live. All Santa Rosa ATE associates are proficient in the EMR skill-sets required and have supported a minimum of three go-lives at two different health systems. The first step is to understand the specifics of your EMR build that will drive any potential “Knowledge Gap” closed during Training & Orientation. We also will orient our associates on your unique culture and workflows.

Execution Step 3: Management & Oversight

Echolinksolutions provides management for go-live support projects through three integrated teams; Operations, Kick-Off and Project Management. The Operations Team, usually led by the same Project Director as the earlier EMR Training, works behind the scenes and at no cost to you to focus on logistics, financial reporting and resource management. The Kick-off Team will be on-site to facilitate all pre-go-live events, including Training & Orientation, to ensure a smooth transition to go-live day. The Project Management Team hits the ground at each go-live location and leads daily activities toward a highly successful activation.

Execution Step 4: Resource Change Management

Once the go-live event is initiated, Echolinksolutions Project Management Team quickly adjusts to real-time user needs using our proprietary Activation Services Management Tool. We can adjust and relocate resources in real-time while making sure that any changes we make drive expected results by carefully matching EHR skill requirements with Echolinksolutions associate expertise.

Furthermore, Echolinksolutions utilizes a Text Based Communication Tool to address day to day staffing issues, ticket status issues and any relevant information that needs to be communicated to the Echolinksolutions and client leadership teams. The combination of our Activation Services Management Tool and our Text Based Communication Tool drive our resource change management prowess.

Execution Step 5: Taper Management

Echolinksolutions conducts Taper Meetings to assist in tracking both current and expected costs to budget. Key go-live client constituents and project leadership are asked to be in attendance. Prior to the meetings, Echolinksolutions provides financial reports including a Burn Rate report that helps guide the week’s taper plan.

Execution Step 6: Issue Escalation & Resolution

All issues that arise on the floor are either triaged by Echolinksolutions Project Director (with any involved ATE associated immediately removed from the floors) or escalated through the appropriate client channels. The exact issues escalation plan will be jointly agreed upon prior to the project starting. We will then train our associates on this process during our orientation/training session. We typically encourage our clients to follow their normal escalation process for tickets. This will allow our Project Director to help reinforce your internal procedures with end-users and provides for a more streamlined process. Issued raised by our ATEs are brought by our Project Director to the command center to make sure any major trends/issues are addressed. All issues are captured in the daily status report.

Execution Step 7: Client Communication

Echolinksolutions will be in constant communication with the appropriate leads within the client organization through formal status reports and ad-hoc rounding. Daily verbal communication is powered by our proprietary Text Based Communication Tool that enables scalable, real-time communication and issue resolution across the entire project. Formal status reports for each site provide a quick recap of any patient safety, workflow, hardware, or training concerns observed on the floors throughout the day.

Execution Step 8: Financial Performance Management

Echolinksolutions financial rigor includes reports giving an up-to-date view of the project financials, including burn rates, which also aid in staffing and taper discussions. Our approach to proactive labor and expense reporting is dedicated to producing accurate and timely billing data. Echolinksolutions reconciles actual time logged by each associate versus the budgeted schedule daily to provide a representative view of labor hours. Additionally, expenses are gathered on a weekly basis, audited and reported. Any discrepancies are quickly reconciled. We conduct a weekly burn rate meeting with our client’s leadership team and forecast any changes to the schedule or expense for future weeks, and any expected taper.


The final step in Echolinksolutions proven three-phase go-live methodology is a positive transition from activation to ongoing production. At the center of this transition is to provide and review all outstanding issues with the client’s project leads to ensure none fall between the cracks and remain unaddressed. In addition, ongoing support in terms of coaching, training and other services are passed on to the client. Echolinksolutions Follow-Up Support shares our observations and suggestions for further optimization and adoptions. And a formal project close takes place where final financial reports, vendor audits, invoice